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now I don't have any experience in UF so i will just be critiqueing solely on artistic aspects rather then giving technical tips (i hop...

Dusk Peony by lindelokse

this is the first time i write a critique so I hope it will be as good as you want it ^^. at first i want so say that the flower techni...

Hey there everyone,

I went to the museum yesterday which was quiet nice. Main artist was Mattise (…).
Especially… was very impressive (probably his most famous work).
Now looking at it on a computer makes it a bit dull but in reality its a very very big piece which wouldn't fit in my living room.This really contributes to its epicness.
Other works were really cool as well and im really motivated at the moment :eager:.
It also got me thinking...

The main thing is that we (not just me) are , in my opinion, not pushing things too much. A typically artistic thing is to do things and not only think of it. We have so much potential and in general not much is done with it. We should invest more time (and money maybe) to get things printed get cool exhibitions and so on.
Here are 2 examples of people that do push things (far from a complete list dont feel offended if you are not on it xD).

bib993 is printing stuff with a 3D printing system. How cool is that.
3D prints collection by bib993

This is already a while ago but :devf--l--A--r--k: made a ceiling :faint: (dont know why his name is not linking)
PONGS - German Installation by f--l--A--r--k

These are some extreme examples but you might think of something yourself now.
On a bit smaller scale.
This thing of actually doing more is very applicable to myself. Large things i tend to never finish.
The idea of making large prints is so old for me. Also the idea of doing more and achieving more is not new.
Here are 2 journals on the same topic
Getting things done ... TOGETHERhey people how are you all doing?
I was thinking ... a lot xD. Now the fractal community on DA is very nice and I assume one of the most active ones on the internet (you never know for sure though xD).
Sometimes you have some wild ideas but you can either not do it alone or you cant find yourself getting it to practise. Maybe because you dont have the knowledge or maybe you dont have the tools. Now im offering help for those open "problems" and i hope more people will do as well.
For now a list of those would be nice. So if you come up with anything post it as a comment below please :).
some ideas i came up myself:
- zy0rg showed me how to alternate 2 different bubbles as fillers. But what about only the 5th bubble being different?
- I was thinking about printing a 3D fractal by printing layers onto transparant slides and just lay them over eachother. Though i dont know how to make the layers in a natural way. (if only the bubbles would be 3D i would be glad enough... but im not g
  fractals are made for computer screens?What do i mean with are made for computer screens? I claim most fractals made now have details and such made the "right" size for a computer screen. its a bit dull if you make very nice details as large as 5mm screen cause you want to look at the hole image on your screen.
now some of you might noticed I'm becomming a xaos addict xD. now it happens these details vanish into thin air when you see them on your screen. now as an example i want to pick which is relatively "normal" paterned instead of a giant soup of multiple stuff. now if you look at the total its ok but the point of that fractal is that the tile is the flux. this detail becomes 1cm on your screen and you cannot see the tile in that flux anymore (measured the flux in the tile is 1/25th of the total flux so the tile in that flux in the tile is 1/625th of the size of the total). this means you cannot even see 3 "layers" as the details become very small very fast. if you want the 3rd layer to be 5mm then the

So what am I planning to do to actually do it myself? First of all im planning on buying a new computer.
This way I am less limited what i can do.
I have lots and lots of ideas after yesterday what i could do and I will make sketches and such in a sketchbook.
More work will be visually planned in advance rather then only the technical part (xaos charts).
I know i have a lot of tools like xaos to make fractals. Now i feel like i should focus more on using the tools to develop  myself more artistically.
So first step is buying the sketchbook (on todays list).
Then make the actual fractals digitally.
Then get them printed.
I hope I keep my word this time and push things through.

Question for you: how do you feel about these kind of things? If you havent printed any fractals why not?
and do you have some cool plans for some fractals but havent done them yet?
im curious to know :)

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