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Caffe Mocha by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel

now I don't have any experience in UF so i will just be critiqueing solely on artistic aspects rather then giving technical tips (i hop...

Dusk Peony by lindelokse

this is the first time i write a critique so I hope it will be as good as you want it ^^. at first i want so say that the flower techni...


Just as easy by piethein21
Just as easy
An easy julian :) I'm thinking of making this fractal 10 times but with different fillings just to show how important such thing is...(most of the time i dont execute such ideas but oh well the idea is made :dummy:)
I also want to promote the classical structures such as julian since i dont see them that often anymore in the fractal gallery

Bijungle by piethein21
bipolar and elliptic splits alternating in a splits ;)
never did this combo before but it seems to work out :D.

bipolar is hard to render though....
Spiens by piethein21
This is an ode to standard structures since I dont see them very often anymore in when browsing fractals.
much have been said on originality and such though I do miss them and would like to encourage people to make them more.
I'm thinking about : plastics, fluxes, julians, cylinder splits, elliptic splits, bipolar, any tiling, lazy susans, disc julian

If you want to make such thing but dont know how to or dont know how to make it just ask me or anyone else in the aposhack (most people know how to make these ... i think....)

ps this is a flux ;)
Snaha by piethein21
this is a tweak of my last one (but then with a shared linked xform).
I hope you like it :)

me want that badge :D and I havent written something in a long time.
I'll first do this story thing but the last part is on personal life (so if you dont want to read the first read the second and visa verse).
I came onto DA when some other site didnt have enough space for my ms paint pictures xD.
By accident,  I came into the chatroom #aposhack. They made me interested in fractals and I started to make them myself. Everything I learned about fractals is from DA and mainly from people from the shack and they became my friends.
I used to browse art a lot and such but nowadays I kinda mosty look up the art of people I'm watching :ashamed:. Though I can browse some art occasionally.
The reason I stay on DA is the chatroom and to show people what I make. It's always nice to have some new people that want to learn fractalling and it's fun to help them.

It seems I have to find 5 pieces to get a nice badge so here we go. I hope to show some gems from the past and also to show people still are making nice fractals.

Espejismos by zesk8
I must have featured this piece already maybe but its very nice and very soft and one of the old fav's of mine.

Ortho by f--l--A--r--k
Also one of my all time fav's. Damm this would look soooo nice if you have a very large print.

Candle by Jimpan1973
Havent seen Jimpan1973 around for a while :(. He normally doesn't do apo but when he does he makes sure the blurring is epic.

Now 2 newer pieces :)

Becoming Stars by Xyrus-02
Very nice colouring if you ask me and neat blurring :).

Phlegethon by ChaosFissure
In general ChaosFissure seems to be on fire for a while now but this one stands out for me. Keep up the good work mate :D

As for my personal life:
I've been on a holiday for a few days (cycling the alp d'huez and the croix the vert) and going again on holiday this weekend :).
For school im working on my graduation project and its really going well. Everything is comming together nicely :)
I hope i kept this journal short enough. See you in the shack maybe ;)

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